Art Director & Designer

Art Director


I’m an Art Director & Designer, with experience in both product design and branding. I’m passionate about storytelling and creating great products that enhance the brand journey.


Design Philosophy

I believe everyone has the right to good design and that we can make a difference by designing to inspire. No matter where you are, top of your industry or just starting off, first impressions are forever. Design tells your story and connects people to your brand by evoking emotion, enhancing their perspective on who you are while building your credibility. I approach problems from a user centric point of view and craft solutions that combine brand values with intuitive design and technology.

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Case studies

I've spent the last 10 years crafting beautiful experiences for businesses, agencies, & brands of all sizes. Here are a few case studies.



Built the brand & product from the ground up for this growing beauty startup

Pivot Tennis

Updated the brand and created a revolutionary product for a wearable fitness startup (private)


Led the brand refresh and better user experience for one of the leaders in travel

Oakland Bears

Created a full brand identity for an amateur hockey team that was on the rise


Worked to rebrand and redesign this product that is improving the world of retail performance

Paradigm Healthcare

Reimagined this client application and brand refresh that is reinventing Medicaid in California

The Hall

Created a flexible brand system and experience for the next generation of scientist and innovators

Logos & Identities

These are a few of identities I've created over the years

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