Creating out of this world resources


About the Project

NASA Wavelength was born from a partnership between The Lawrence Hall of Science and NASA Education. NASA Wavelength is a public online catalog of all NASA's science activities. We were tasked with naming, designing and building the whole experience. Both educators and parents can now quickly browse through the catalog to find science activities they can do in their classrooms or at home.


  • Art Direction
  • Web Design

What's in a name

When NASA first approached us for this project, the first order of business was to come up with a name for their new product. I led multiple workshops to help in both name, brand and voice discovery. It was essential to not only keep NASA in the name but not to lose the iconic meatball. The name NASA Wavelength was both representatives of the scientific and the communicative expressing the ability to be on the same wavelength.


Building the experience

Part of the goal of the site was to make it easier for educators to save and organize the activities for their classrooms and home. The other aspect was to share wtih fellow educators, scientist and parents.

The new catalog was so large and specific that it was important that the user have multiple ways to interact with it; text search, audience, topic, and location. Once you find what you want to keep just save it to a list.


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